Exhibition dedicated to expansion of women’s rights and opportunities in Kazakhstan opened in Council of Europe

Exhibition dedicated to expansion of women’s rights and opportunities in Kazakhstan opened in Council of Europe
Фото: MFA 15.03.2024 18:00 2924

As part of the events to celebrate International Women’s Day, a photo exhibition entitled “Unveiling Strength: A Visual Journey for Gender empowerment in Kazakhstan” was organized dedicated to the expansion of women’s rights and opportunities in Kazakhstan.

The event was arranged by the Consulate General of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Strasbourg, the Corporate Fund “Bolashaq”, as well as the Kazakh community “Business Women of Kazakhstan in France – L’Association QazElles”.

The event took place at the headquarters of the Council of Europe, the oldest organization in Europe, which will celebrate its 75th Anniversary this May. The exhibition containing photographs of “Famous Women of the Great Steppe” as well as thematic materials on various aspects of expanding gender opportunities in Kazakhstan, including in diplomacy, science, economics, and human rights protection were presented to members of the diplomatic corps and Council of Europe.

In her welcoming remarks, the Consul General of Kazakhstan in Strasbourg Anel Bakytbekqyzy noted the important and growing role of women in modern society.

“Promoting and protecting women's rights, civil, political, economic, social or cultural, is one of the main priorities of the State,” said Anel Bakytbekqyzy.

The Consul General noted that an important indicator of a progressive country is the status of women in society, detailing the reforms undertaken by our country’s leadership to modernize all spheres of public life, including in the field of ensuring and implementing gender equality.

This is reflected in the following measures: the introduction of a mandatory 30% quota for the participation of women, youth, and people with disabilities in elections and its application for the distribution of parliamentary mandates; the adoption of an Action Plan for the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1325; the cancellation of the list of prohibited professions for women, which comprised over 200 professions; the development and implementation of a state and gender policy strategy aimed at expanding economic and political opportunities for women; strengthening measures to combat domestic violence and discrimination against women and girls.

Given the great interest in effectively combating violence against women and children, Anel Bakytbekqyzy drew attention to the processes of reforming national legislation on domestic violence in light of the Council of Europe’s invitation to accede to the Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence.

The Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Marija Pejčinović-Burić highly praised the progressive policies and reforms pursued by the President of Kazakhstan, aimed at women, improving quality of life, and creating equal opportunities for all.

Marija Pejčinović-Burić emphasized that in Strasbourg, Kazakhstan is considered as a “Leading Partner” in Central Asia and she looks forward to visiting Astana, where she will participate in the Astana International Forum to be held on June 13-14, 2024.

The Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the “Bolashaq” Fund, Dinara Gaplan, presented her book – “Super Girl. Women the Whole World Talks About” and noted that the purpose of this book is to help girls, young women, and women find their path and confidently follow it.

As part of the event, “L’Association QazElles” community members, consisting of ladies compatriots living and successfully working in France made their presentation of their activities which are aimed at developing and strengthening multifaceted ties between Kazakhstan and France.

The exhibition will be available to Council of Europe visitors’ until March 25, 2024.

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