Effective Ways to Develop Entrepreneurship

Effective Ways to Develop Entrepreneurship
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The Assembly of People of Kazakhstan develops various projects, and entrepreneurship is one of its most important directions. Kazakhstan Entrepreneurs Association is a non-governmental organization, which was established by the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, for participation in the industrial and innovative development program to implement the instructions of Kazakhstan’s First President given at the XVII session of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan.


Meetings of startup authors and potential investors are held on a regular basis to discuss cooperation and further joint work on the platform of the Association. For the purpose of innovation development and introduction of advanced technologies in the agricultural sector, a Scientific and Innovation Center has been established. Research and Development Design Bureau is working as well.

Telling about the initiatives implemented in the future, which will have a positive impact on the development of the country, Duman Kydyrbayev, Chairman of Assembly’s Entrepreneurs Association, spoke about the activities and projects of the organization.

"Entrepreneurship seems easy at first glance. There are many nuances. An entrepreneur should be not only a commodity producer, but also a lawyer, a financier, an accountant, an engineer, a technologist at the same time, i.e. multifaceted. So try to learn and to be educated," says Duman Kydyrbayev.

Entrepreneurs Association also sponsored the creation of a technology park on the basis of school-gymnasium No. 83. Here, students will be taught theories and practice.

"We have very favorable conditions for the creation and development of business. All tasks are supported by certain financial resources. We aim to help develop mechanisms and attract instruments in the economy of simple things that we consume daily".

Assembly’s Entrepreneurs Association holds annual forums. "The forum's mission is to involve the business community in the civil process of strengthening interethnic tolerance and social harmony and to promote the development of an innovative economy by making use of the economic ties of Kazakhstan's ethnic groups with countries of their historical origin," Duman Kydyrbayev said. At the forum, members of ethno-cultural associations present their business projects in agriculture, industrial and innovative development, and projects with participation of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan in social work and social modernization of society, as well as on the development of applied crafts in the activities of ethno-cultural associations. The forum also organizes exhibitions and sales of unique handicrafts by artisans and masters from all regions of Kazakhstan. The Methodical Centre on working out and introduction of innovative technologies of training to the state language ‘Tildaryn’, the edition of magazine ‘Menin Elim’, books and collections, realization of research projects in the field of interethnic and inter-confessional relations etc. has been created.

"Thanks to its activity, Entrepreneurs Association has become a new collecting point for small and medium-sized business. It is a visible both public and economic segment in Kazakhstani business. It unites the sphere of small and medium business - the locomotive of social well-being of the country. However, the main vector of our work has been, is and will be the economy of simple things and job creation", noted the Chairman of the Association.

According to him, today the Association's portfolio already includes a number of successful projects in agriculture, construction and service sector. But the scale of the tasks, the severity of social issues requires a rapid increase in Kazakhstan's content in all areas of the economy, which can only be done on the basis of human capital, which will determine the country's place in the global economy for the coming years.

In recent years, Kazakhstan has made many efforts in this direction: a legislative base has been formed, development institutions have been established, government programmes have been adopted, a national innovation system is being formed, and the dynamics of increasing the role of the state in the system of human capital growth factors are being tracked. Thanks to all these efforts in the UN Human Development Index 2017, Kazakhstan was ranked 58th in the list of 189 countries and entered the category with a very high level of human development.

"If we project this on our work, we are talking about the human capital of the Entrepreneurs Association, about the new level of knowledge, about the competitiveness of domestic business, about the ability to conquer the domestic market and to enter the external market. It stands to reason that First President set a task "About measures on maintenance of qualitatively new level of activity of Entrepreneurs Association of Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, strengthening of its structure by leading representatives of business community. It will be resulted in positive impact. We consolidate businessmen irrespective of an ethnic origin. We raise finance, new technologies and ideas from countries of historical ethnic origin".

Duman Kydyrbayev noted that in the near future, the activities of the Entrepreneurs Association should be aimed at creating new jobs, developing business ideas, raising finance, resource-saving and intelligent technologies from countries of historical origin, supporting youth start-up projects.

“From this year, the Association will focus the following areas: implementation of agro-industrial complex, that is, the creation of an agrarian innovation center and the active involvement of domestic and foreign specialists in agriculture, support for young initiative entrepreneurs, as well as the development of entrepreneurship, the development of import substitution center and cooperation, the attraction of modern technology, training entrepreneurs to new skills of farming, the development of new technologies.”

In addition, Duman Kydyrbayev said that the number of participants and projects in the association is increasing every year, positively influencing the development of ideas.


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