Dimash’s fans hold environmental action in honor of artist’s birthday

Dimash’s fans hold environmental action in honor of  artist’s birthday
Фото: El.kz 23.05.2024 12:22 2060

“Together for Dimash”, a group of fans of the Kazakh artist created by Dears from Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Venezuela and Spain, worked together to purchase 300 trees from northern Argentina for the Association of Friends of Patagonia, which reforests places affected by natural disasters such as the forest fires in Argentina, El.kz cites dimashnews.com.

Inspired by Dimash Qudaibergen’s “OMIR”, Dears invited everyone to participate:

“All people who come into our lives come for something. We are like the earth ready for someone to sow and reap the fruits. People come with seeds of love that blossom in the hearts of others, and these people reap beauty, affection, kindness and tenderness. Dimash’s voice is a beautiful message calling us to respect each other, to love each other, to build peace and to care for our planet as the home of each of us.”

The first step of the OMIR project was to send 300 trees to the Acambuco Nature Reserve – Salta – Argentina.

This reserve is located in the province of Salta, in the north of Argentina, where different species characteristic of the place (subtropical jungle) grow. Tree species obtained through the work of the nursery of the Acambuco Reserve were selected, such as: Quina Colorada, Urundeles, Robles Criollos, Lanzas Blancas, Simaras, Pacaras and Horcos Cebiles. This initiative was a significant step in restoring the biodiversity of the region, which has been affected by fires in recent years.

A certificate in Dimash’s name from the Friends of Patagonia Association and a letter with a detailed description of the work Dears plan to give to Dimash and his team on 24 May at a concert in Istanbul, as many members of the group will come to this important event.

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