Dimash Qudaibergen received the prestigious “Karic Brothers Foundation” award in Serbia

Dimash Qudaibergen received the prestigious “Karic Brothers Foundation” award in Serbia
Фото: dimash news.com 04.12.2023 11:45 920

For the 26th time, the foundation, founded in 1979 as an institution for supporting and promoting the scientific, technological and creative potential of the country, and familiarizing the public with the achievements of world culture, awarded prizes to outstanding foreign personalities, El.kz cites dimashnews.com.

The Karic Brothers Foundation Prize has previously been awarded to world-renowned figures in science, journalism, economics, culture and art. In different years, the award was given to the Nobel Prize winner in Physics J. Alferov, Nobel Prize winner in Literature P. Handke, the first President of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev, film director E. Kusturica, tennis player N. Djokovic, actor S. Segal, former Secretary General of TURKSOY D. Kaseinov.

This year, a talented musician from Kazakhstan, Dimash Qudaibergen, received the award among the outstanding personalities nominated for the Prize.

According to the Board of Directors of the Foundation, Dimash’s exceptional vocal data, his incredible ability to combine various forms of performance in classical and modern style, unique ability to perform any note as a result of many years of work and study, allows to note the artist as a bright representative of the culture of Kazakhstan, a successful professional of his work.

“Our Board of Directors is unanimous that such an important artist deserves to become a continuation of the golden series of pioneers, visionaries and creators of the Prize, which will also strengthen the relations between our friendly countries,” said Milanka Karic, Founder of the Karic Brothers Foundation, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Serbia.

The central cultural event of Serbia was held in the National Theater of Belgrade, an object of cultural heritage, preserving Serbian culture and traditions.

On the magnificent stage of the National Theater, Dimash presented completely different compositions: Kazakh folk song “Samaltau” and Igor Krutoy’s “Mademoiselle Hyde”, thus reflecting different facets of his creativity.

Dimash thanked the founders and the Board of Directors of the Karic Brothers Foundation for the awarding of the Prize, noted the important role of international projects, including in the field of art as an opportunity to maintain friendship and mutual development between countries.

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