Cultural community of Kazakhstan to celebrate 80th anniversary of famous opera singer Kanat Omarbayev

Cultural community of Kazakhstan to  celebrate 80th anniversary of famous opera singer Kanat Omarbayev
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The cultural community of Kazakhstan will celebrate the 80th anniversary of the famous opera singer and teacher Kanat Omarbayev – Honored Artist of the Kazakh SSR, holder of the Order of Qurmet and the Order of the Great Silver Star of the European Academy of Natural Sciences (Hannover, Germany), Professor of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, El.kz cites astanaopera.kz.

The concert Ustazgha Arnau will be held at the Astana Opera at the Kulyash Baiseitova Chamber Hall on December 23.

Professor of the Department of Vocal Art and Conducting at the Kazakh National University of Arts, Kanat Omarbayev, over the years of a long creative career, has trained an entire plethora of brilliant artists who today star on the leading stage venues of the republic and abroad. This evening, the Master’s students, the opera house’s principal soloists – Honored Worker of Kazakhstan Azamat Zheltyrguzov, holder of the Order of Qurmet Aizada Kaponova, Talgat Galeyev, Beimbet Tanarykov, Ramzat Balakishiyev, Yerulan Kamel and others will perform arias and duets from famous operas, popular art songs and songs by Kazakh composers.

In the creative work of the Astana Opera’s principal soloist, Aizada Kaponova, Kanat Omarbayev played a significant role, since it was he who taught the singer professional vocal art.

“Kanat Nurmukhamedovich is an important person in my life. Arriving in Astana in 2004, I studied in this teacher’s class for four years in the Bachelor’s program, and then another two years in the Master’s program. He showed me the right direction in my work and in my third year he encouraged me to get a job as a soloist at the Kulyash Baiseitova National Opera and Ballet Theatre. It will not be an exaggeration to say that Kanat Omarbayev is my creative father. He said: “No matter how big an artist or star you are, the main priority in your life should always be to retain your spirit of humanity.” He also argued that, having presented your art onstage, no matter how many viewers attended the performance and gave positive or negative reviews, inside yourself you know how you performed the work, and he encouraged you to subsequently analyze the performance and work on it. I have great respect for my teacher, who turns eighty this year, and I wish him to raise many more talented students. At this concert, I will go onstage with special warmth and gratitude to my teacher,” Aizada Kaponova shared.

In addition to the musical evening Ustazgha Arnau, in December, high art aficionados will enjoy a rich program of concerts at the Kulyash Baiseitova Chamber Hall. Thus, on December 3, the Astana Opera International Opera Academy attendees will present an evening of vocal music Bravo, Opera.

On December 20, the concert Anim Menin – Astana! will be dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the capital. Honored Artist of Kazakhstan Galiya Baigazinova will present her art to residents and guests of the capital. Azamat Zheltyrguzov, Artur Gabdiyev, Batyrzhan Smakov, Assem Kiikbayeva, Zhuldyz Nysanbayeva will also perform together with the soprano singer. Piano part – Zhanar Akhmetova. The host of the concert is the head of the Kulyash Baiseitova Chamber Hall Marzhan Zhakenova.

An evening of vocal and instrumental music Christmas in the Baroque Style will take place on the eve of the long-awaited winter holidays. On December 24, the opera house’s soloists Tatyana Vitsinskaya, Assem Sembina, Guldana Aldadossova, Alikhan Zeinolla, guest soloist and author of the project Batyrzhan Smakov, as well as the Chamber Choir of the Kazakh National University of Arts (choirmaster – Marina Bukhvalova) and the String Ensemble Anima di Barocco (artistic director – Honored Worker of Kazakhstan Raissa Mussakhajayeva). Piano part – the opera house’s musical consultant, Honored Worker of Kazakhstan Raushan Beskembirova.

A musical evening performed by the Astana Opera Chamber Orchestra under the baton of Honored Worker of Kazakhstan Aidar Abzhakhanov will take place on December 27.

On December 29, the string of pre-New Year performances will be continued by young artists from the opera house’s children’s ballet studio with the festive program New Year’s Confetti. The stage director of the concert will be the head of the ballet studio, Honored Worker of Kazakhstan Galiya Buribayeva, and the teacher-répétiteur will be Bostan Kozhabekov.

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