Celebration of spring and renewal at Astana Opera

Celebration of spring and renewal at Astana Opera
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On March 23, the festive Gala Concert Az Nauryzwill take place at Astana Opera’s Grand Hall. The musical evening will feature the opera house’s performers, principal soloists and principal dancers – opera and ballet stars of Kazakhstan. The Astana Opera Symphony Orchestra and Choir will perform under the baton of conductors, holder of the Order of Qurmet Ruslan Baimurzin and Honored Worker of Kazakhstan Aidar Abzhakhanov, El.kz cites astanaopera.kz.

As a reminder, a new concept for celebrating Nauryz has been developed in Kazakhstan by the order of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. On this day, events related to the onset of equinox will be held throughout the country, concerts, exhibitions, performances and much more will be organised. The main goal of the concept is to popularise the national holiday and its educational significance for the younger generation in the current conditions of globalisation. 

This year, the Gala Concert program will become more diverse, including three main threads: national works, musical compositions of the people of Kazakhstan and Western European classics. This will attract the attention of people of different ethnicities to the holiday and showcase the diverse interaction of cultures within the framework of one concert. 

“Nauryz is not only a spring holiday, but also a symbol of unity, solidarity and friendship of the multinational people of Kazakhstan,” Astana Opera’s stage director Yerenbak Toikenov notes. “May these bright days bring peace and harmony to all of us, and may our country continue to delight everyone with a warm, friendly atmosphere and prosperity.” 

Thus, the evening will feature a dance from Mukan Tulebayev’s opera Birzhan – Sara that conveys a festive atmosphere and spring mood. The symphony orchestra’s energetic and inspiring performance of Tles Kazhgaliyev’s Qyz Quu will fill the auditorium with national zest. Kazakh folk song Yapurai in a mesmerising performance by Dinmukhamed Koshkinbayev will continue the theme. Jurica Jurasić Kapun, the Astana Opera International Opera Academy attendee, prepared a Croatian folk song for the discerning audience. In addition, the program will include Bashkir, Uyghur, Tajik and other compositions. The audience will be treated to interesting performances featuring Honored Workers of Kazakhstan Saltanat Akhmetova, Medet Chotabayev, Bagdat Abilkhanov, Honored Artist of Kazakhstan Zhannat Baktay, and many others. 

The festive concert Az Nauryz will certainly unite all culture and art aficionados on this important day for Kazakhstan and will undoubtedly give many positive emotions.

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