Best designers of mobile applications for learning Kazakh language named

Best designers of mobile applications for learning Kazakh language named
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The hackathon called "Design Battle" for professional UI/UX and graphic designers in Kazakhstan, the purpose of which is to create an application that teaches the Kazakh language, was successfully held.

The initiator is a well-known venture investor and entrepreneur Kenes Rakishev, El.kz reports.

The event was held on the territory of the International IT University with the support of IITU JSC, the Saby Charitable Foundation and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The "Design Battle" hackathon, which took place on February 24-25, was implemented in a mixed format, combining online and offline participation. It was attended by more than 220 designers from all over Kazakhstan, representing various creative directions. More than 150 guests attended the online broadcast, following the development of events and the creation of projects by the participants during two days of intensive work.

The first day of the hackathon was devoted to training workshops conducted by experienced professionals and founders of design agencies, who shared their experience in working with ethnic style, identity, and other key aspects of design.

The second day of the hackathon was devoted to the intensive work of the participants on their projects, as a result of which 70 unique projects were created in two categories: "UX/UI Design" and "Graphic Design". The projects were presented to a qualified jury, which included Kenes Rakishev, President of the Saby Foundation Assel Tasmagambetova, IITU specialists and independent experts in the field of design.

Participants of the Design Battle hackathon expressed their impressions of the event, noting it as an important platform for professional growth and exchange of experience.

The total prize fund of the hackathon was 2 million tenge, the funds of which were distributed among the winners and prize-winners. Each of the six prize-winning teams was awarded certificates in the amount of 500,000 tenge for the first place, 300,000 tenge for the second place and 200,000 tenge for the third place.

The first hackathon "Design Battle" was an important event in the Kazakh design community, emphasizing the importance of developing creative industries in the country and creating a platform for interaction and collaboration of professionals.

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