Astana Opera to Present Heroic Fantasy

Astana Opera to Present Heroic Fantasy
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The heroic national opera Alpamys to the music by the outstanding composer Yerkegali Rakhmadiyev and libretto by Kauken Kenzhetayev will be presented at Astana Opera on February 20. The work with a deep patriotic message demonstrates a new take on the famous epic about a hero, who went through difficult trials, united the people and led the fight for the liberation of his native land, El.kz cites astanaopera.kz.

The monumental opera Alpamys premiered at the capital’s opera house two years ago and was dedicated to the 30th anniversary of our country’s independence. The stage director was the People’s Artist of Russia, laureate of the State Prize of Kazakhstan Yuri Alexandrov. The music director and conductor of the production is the Honored Worker of Kazakhstan Abzal Mukhitdin. The composer’s daughter Nailya Rakhmadiyeva was invited as the consultant. 

A distinctive feature of the new production, inspired by the story of the hero Alpamys, common to the many Turkic peoples, was its style. The folk epic was staged as a fantasy, brought to perfection by visual effects, so that the modern sophisticated viewers could not only enjoy the beautiful music, but also completely immerse themselves in the magical fairytale world where good always triumphs over evil. 

According to the idea of the stage director of the production Yuri Alexandrov, along with miracles and transformations, Shakespearean passions are in full swing onstage. At the same time, the main hero, Apamys, is also very romantic. He not only masterfully wields a sword, but also loves deeply and devotedly, which, according to the stage director, is very characteristic of the heroes of any national epic. 

The opera is full of symbolism. Alpamys is blessed by Mother Earth herself for his heroic deeds, giving him a wearpon that will help him free his homeland from cruel conquerors. Mythological creatures support the line of confrontation between good and evil: the witch Mystan and her half-human, half-animal son Tazsha. 

The large-scale heroic epic opera will be performed by both recognized masters of stage arts and young promising singers. Altynbek Abilda will present Alpamys, and Honored Worker of Kazakhstan Aigul Niyazova will present his beloved Gulbarshyn. Ana (Mother Earth) – Saltanat Muratbekova, Taishyq Khan – Honored Worker of Kazakhstan Zhanat Shybykbayev, Qarakoz – Honored Worker of Kazakhstan Saltanat Akhmetova, Zhyrau – Khaidar Mustapin, Mystan – Honored Worker of Kazakhstan Bibigul Zhanuzak, Keiquat – Merei Kadyrkhanov, Qaraman – Beimbet Tanarykov, Ultan – Ramzat Balakishiyev, Tazsha – Ayan Zhaimaganbetov. 

It is important to emphasize that national opera and ballet productions occupy an important place in Astana Opera’s repertoire. Each year, there are more and more musical works on its stage that demonstrate unique national culture and talk about the history and traditions of the Kazakh people. This tendency will continue in the future, the general management of the capital’s opera house notes.

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