Amanzholov University cooperates with university in UK

Amanzholov University cooperates with university in UK
Фото: Ministry of Science and Higher Education 26.01.2024 11:48 1331

VKU has signed an agreement with the world-famous Westminster University, El.kz reports with reference to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The new partnership with the oldest educational institution primarily involves the development of domestic science. Namely, the commercialization of research projects aimed at biomedicine, applied biotechnology, artificial intelligence in medicine, and genetic engineering.

"Our partners have everything they need for a progressive leap in these areas. For example, the university has a student clinic with all the appropriate infrastructure: patient rooms, a reception desk, and medical offices. I believe that our active cooperation will be an innovative breakthrough for both parties," said Mukhtar Tolegen, Rector of VKU.

In addition, the document will provide undergraduates with a double-degree education program. Young people will study one academic year at S. Amanzholov VKU, and the second - at Westminster University.

Teachers can attend scientific and practical seminars, international lectures, as well as be participants in laboratory research and joint scientific developments.

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