Akmola region: expanding the horizons

What is a paradise for tourists in Akmola region?
Akmola region: expanding the horizons
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Akmola region is a beautiful region with many tourism opportunities. And, as many think, it is not limited with only Burabay National Park. What else is a paradise for tourists in Akmola region? We are going to tell you about this.

Korgalzhyn Nature Reserve

Despite the fact that this reserve is only three hours from Astana, a few people know about it. Well, the ecotourism is not popular in our country, and that is the thing. Indeed, this reserve is the part of the world natural heritage. It is unique because its waters are concentrated on the largest population of waterfowl, including birds. In the reserve you can find about 60% of the bird species listed in the Red Book. Particularly impressive are pink flamingos. In the warm season, they are hosted in Korgalzhyn with colonies numbering up to a total of 25 thousand birds. But in the steppes of the reserve there are the mammals – antelopes, wild boars and even wolves. As in any protected spot to relax in this untouched nature, you need to follow the policies developed by the local administration. This is the main reason why people do not desire to spend their weekend in Korgalzhyn nature reserve. But still on the site in a designated area there are bowers and guest houses for the tourists’ comfort. Although they are not a five star, they are with warm hospitality.


This is another place on the map of the region with pristine nature. Sandyktau village is located in Sandyktau district. By the way, this region is not worse than Burabay village. Here are also fresh lakes, clean rivers, granite hills, pine forests and diversity of fauna. And also there are their monuments of culture and archeology. Why is it not a tourist attraction? Sandyktau needs a good marketing consultant to make all the people of Kazakhstan know about the new resort and stop to reload the unfortunate Burabay Natural Park in the summer season. And while Sandyktau in terms of tourism is little developed, the area is not ennobled. But still, there are hotels, and just guest houses, ready to have nonresident visitors. There are even a few entertaining points that operate in the season of the visit. And while this place is not as inhabited as hyped Kazakhstani resorts, the prices here are also correspondingly low. So, enjoy the moment, as they say.

Yereimentau district

Yereimentau area is also very attractive for tourists. But, for some reason, it is slightly used. Poorly developed infrastructure of the district is not particularly appeal to holidaymakers. And, in fact, there is really something to see here! The famous Falcon Mountain (Karagaily), lakes, forests, steppes with its diverse flora and fauna attract people with their beauty and pristine nature. And there are many archaeological monuments dating back to different eras. In 2011 the Northern part of Yereimentau district was transformed into the State National Natural Park “Buiratau”, in order to protect its unique ecosystem. Black alder and birch forests, mountains and endangered wildlife are under protection. Also, this area is rich in its history. The locals are proud that once, in the distant 1860 the famous warrior and commander of three Zhuz (a tribal division) Bogenbai-Batyr was born in this region. In his entire military career Bogenbai-Batyr never suffered defeat (he took part in 103 battles). In conclusion, let us note that only great land bore great people.


In 50 kilometers from Kokshetau a picturesque area of Zerenda village is located. Its nature is often compared with the same Burabay, but in a smaller projection. It has everything to relax in comfort: the village has long been gentrified and looks forward to tourists. But to be completely honest, let us add that Zerenda is not a resort which is certainly not visited by tourists. This is not so. People, who visited this place once, necessarily come back here again. The frequent review of the village from tourists is the tidiness of cafes and discos, as well as fewer visitors coming to rest (in contrast to the developed resort areas), that is also impressing. After all, townspeople come to quiet natural corners to forget about the city hustle and bustle. Now a little about the nature of the region. As mentioned above, it can be called as “mini-Burabay”. Here are also pine forests, crystal clear lake, which is named in honor of the village and small mountains. Enthusiasts, who respect the “wild” vacation, often come here to put tents up. In general, everyone will find here something to like.

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