5 “golden” rules of running

No one will probably deny the advantage of running
5 “golden” rules of running
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No one will probably deny the advantage of running. Like everything in life, running needs to be learned. A right technique and a proper training program are the keys to successful lessons in which you will not only improve your body, will be in a good mood, but also get health benefits.

Warm up

The first and most common mistake of new runners is a complete disregard to warm up! In the process of warming up the body is heated, the temperature of your muscles, the ligaments and body tissues increases, they become flexible. The redistribution of blood flow, the outflow of blood from the intestines and spleen happen during the warm-up before running, this blood flows to your muscles. It brings the muscles more oxygen and nutrients, which increase the willingness and ability of the body to the exercise load.

The proper way of breathing while running

You should breathe through the nose while running. If you do not succeed, then the load is too big for your body and you need to reduce the running speed or change to walking. The best running speed to improve your health is when you can freely speak without panting.

The duration and intensity of running

The duration and intensity of running can be increased only in a couple of months after the start of classes. This should be done gradually: starting from 15 minutes, you can increase the duration of the running up to 45-50 minutes. At the same time you should increase the length of distance as well as the training pace. The best optimal frequency of training is at least three times a week. The best place for running is a park zone.

Drink plenty of water

Drinking while running is very necessary! During the intensive running, the body loses a lot of fluids and water-salt balance is disturbed. It is recommended to drink in small sips, but often when you are running. In an average during workout you should drink from 0.5 to 1.5 liters of water, specifically, a weight of 80 kg person should drink a liter. And, in any case, it is better to drink non-carbonated water and water at room temperature.

Choose the right shoes

The second most common cause of injuries after running on hard surfaces is foot pronation and unstable shoes. The more your running volume is, the more your foot needs support and protection. Individual factors when choosing shoes are 1.pronation, supination and lifting height, 2. narrow and wide feet, shoe size.

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